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An injury that occurs as a result of a bus accident is handled differently than those of a traditional automobile accident. There are many variables that will impact how your case will be handled.

Commercial bus drivers operate under federal rules laid out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and these laws define operating hours, driver down time, mobile phone restrictions and much more. While most bus companies have adequate liability insurance coverage, when multiple parties are injured, the cumulative demands can exceed coverage.

At Renehan & Rossetti, LLP, we have significant experience handling bus accident lawsuits for clients from the Waterbury area and throughout Connecticut. We handle every case with care and attention to detail, perusing maximum compensation for our clients’ losses.


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In the wake of a Bus accident...

In the wake of a bus accident, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible as waiting to file your claim could impact your ability to recover anything. In handling bus accident cases, our personal injury lawyers know how to find the facts. We conduct thorough investigations of the bus accident scene, using witness testimony, accident scene photographs and other evidence to support our clients’ claims. We also consult with leading experts in accident reconstruction and other fields who help us find the facts in these cases.

Let Us Handle the Insurance Companies

As Connecticut bus accident attorneys, we represent victims of accidents and understand the complexities associated with the various entities involved in the case. In most cases, the bus driver is an employee of the operating company which may be different than the actual owner of the bus company. This dynamic is crucial to the litigation and impacts the recovery for your injuries.

Insurance companies are in business to make money and often have a team of attorneys representing the bus company and do not always provide fair compensation. Let Tinley, Renehan & Dost handle the insurance company, bus driver and or ownership to maximize your compensation.

Building Cases to Pursue & Maximize Your Compensation

In Handling...

any Personal Injury Case

In handling any personal injury case, an attorney must assess the damages — the short- and long-term impact the injury will have on the victim’s life. In order to do this, we consult with leading experts in medicine, economics, life-care planning and other fields who help us determine the ongoing needs of our client. This thorough approach allows us to pursue full and fair compensation for our client’s needs, for today and far into the future.


Assess the Damages for both short & long term impact the injury will have on the victim’s life


consult with leading experts in medicine, economics and life-care planning


pursue full and fair compensation for our client’s needs, for today and far into the future

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