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Visiting a local bar, shopping mall, attending a concert or dancing at the club with family and friends should be fun time for all involved. We often make the assumption that going there is safe and unfortunately that is not always the case if the property owner neglects to provide adequate security for the premises. If you are injured or attacked on a property without proper security, then you might be entitled to recover compensation from the property owner.


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We handle negligent security cases

At Renehan & Rossetti, LLP, we handle negligent security cases for our clients and we may be able to help you get fair compensation for your injuries. Contact our legal team to start your free consultation. We will talk through your case, how the lack of security personnel may have contributed to your injuries, and get you connected with a Connecticut negligent security lawyer.

What Exactly is Negligent Security?

If a public space fails to provide adequate security personnel and thus fails to protect you from an act of violence on their property, that is defined as negligent security. Malls, concert venues, sports stadiums, clubs, parks, and more can be found as negligent if you are a victim of violence on their property and they do not have enough security officers on the premises. Proving negligent security involves a few facets that our attorneys specialize in and we may be able to help you get fair compensation.

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There are many other situations where negligent security could play a factor and the owner could be found liable for what happened to you. Generally, you only hold the owner liable in these situations as the person who attacked you is not responsible for the lack of security in the area. The perpetrator of the violent act will face punishment in other ways, such as imprisonment after being prosecuted in a court of law.


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While acts of violence can occur at any time, there are some types that a property owner may be held liable for if they happen on their premises, such as:

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